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Kempston has been a reliable supplier of premium carbide router bits and saw blades since 1996.  The latest manufacturing technology combined with top quality materials keep Kempston router bits and saw blades highly competitive in the market place. Originally known for our specialty woodworking products Kempston is evolving into a quality supplier of a wide range of accessories and tools for the contractor and the homeowners at affordable prices.

Kempston router bits are milled from solid steel rods and are ground by precision CNC (Computer Numeric Control) machines to produce high performance professional/industrial grade router bits.  Every stage of production is quality controlled to ensure dependable, long lasting router bits and to maintain the high standards Kempston has for its product.

Kempston will keep upholding its excellent reputation for fine products with the following high performance features:


Premium Carbide    

The carbides of Kempston router bits, saw blades, diamond hole saws, oscillating saw blades  are C-3 and C-4 grade premium tungsten micro grain carbide.  This fine grain carbide allows grinding to a longer cutting edge life.

Shear Angle

Kempston carbide tips are designed with a perfect shear angle to slice through work piece for fast and easy chip removal.

Anti-kickback Design

Kempston router bits 3/4" in cutting diameter and larger are designed with a chip-limitation style to prevent kickback providing better balance and safer use.

Non-stick Coating

Kempston router bits are processed with heat-resistant non-stick coating that reduces friction and makes resin removal easier.

Brazing and coating technology

Kempston carbide and diamond coated products are produced by unrivalled knowledge and expertise of brazing and coating edges and surfaces with the very hardest of materials.  We have capability to produce coatings either across surfaces or linear edge controlled to very tight tolerance in both Diamond and Tungsten Carbide Grit coatings for a range of saw blades, hole saws, and drill bits.



Automated packaging facilities

Robotic plastic injection machineries and highly automated packaging lines also guarantee Kempston high quality products packed in the forefront with global packing development for tools industry.

Patented products

Many of our own patented products keep us unique and make us separated from the rest.  

 Limited Lifetime Guarantee

Kempston products are fully warranted against all manufacturing defects. This warranty does not apply to defects caused directly or indirectly from misuse, re-sharpening, abuse, negligence, accidents, repair or alteration. Normal wear and tear is not covered under this warranty.  We will replace our products that are found to be defective upon examination.

 Build it right  is  what we believe in and abide by








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