Kempston Diamond Hole Saws

Kempston® Diamond Multi-Purpose Hole Saws for drills and angle grinders have exceptional performance on a range of applications from hard tile and stone to cement board and fiberglass

Features and benefits

  • Higher grade diamonds - greater heat resistance;
  • Tough braze - stronger bond between diamonds and cup for extremely long life;
  • fewer fractures - excellent performance on corded or cordless power units;
  • Ultra-thin cutting edge facilitates low torque for fast clean cutting and prolonged battery life on cordless drills;
  • Special side holes - for easy slug ejection;
  • No drill guide or continuous water feed required;
  • Precise holes that require no secondary finishing;
  • Unique hole saw capable of running on both a drill and angle grinder: Use a arbor for drills (up to 2000 rpm) or a adapter for angle grinder (up to 1500 rpm); 
  • Shank: size 3/8" (9.5 mm), universal thread to accommodate standard drill arbor;
  • Size range: 7/8"(22mm) to 2-1/2"(64mm).
Start to Use


    Dip in water before use and every 5 seconds for optimal life;

    Minimal coolant required for cutting hard tile, stone and glass;

    Use fully dry on other materials.

    Used in these materials

    Porcelain, ceramic, granite, marble, travertine, slate, glass, drywall/stucco, fiber cement board, hardiebacker, brick & block and fiberglass

    Soft wood ✓✓
    Hard wood ✓✓
    Laminate flooring ✓✓✓
    Porcelain (Grade 5) ✓✓✓
    Ceramic Tile (soft)  ✓✓✓
    Ceramic Tile (Grade 4) ✓✓✓
    Granite ✓✓✓
    Cast Iron


    Target Users

    Professional tilers, Plumbers, Electricians, DIY users