Kempston Saw Blades

Kempston® offers industrial grade and thin kerf blades:

Industrial Grade

Industrial grade blades have thick carbide tips of industrial grade quality, which allow for stable control and produce superb smooth cuts.

Professional Saw Blades - Thin Kerf

Designed to enhance peak performance in circular saws. Kempston think kerf blades cut with less friction than standard circular saw blades allowing faster and better cuts. 

Premium Carbide

The carbide of Kempston saw blades is premium tungsten carbide. This fine grain carbide allows for grinding to a longer cutter edge life. 

Laser Cut Body

Each blade is laser cut for accuracy and consistent quality. Our laser cut blades are not manufactured by a stamping process and always remain flat and true.  

Tension Ring

Our blades are tensioned for blade strength and consistency. This process allows optimal blade performance and will maintain its flatness under extreme heat and speed. 

Anti-Kickback Design

Kempston saw blades are designed with a chip-limitation style to prevent kickback providing better balance and safer use.

Non-Stick Coating

Kempston saw blades are processed with heat-resistant non-stick coating that reduces friction and makes resin removal easier.