Kempston Router Bits

Kempston® are milled from solid steel rods and are ground by precision CNC machines to produce high performance professional/ industrial grade router bits. Every stage of production is quality controlled to ensure dependable, long lasting router bits and to maintain the high standard Kempston® has for its product. 

Kempston® will keep upholding its excellent reputation for fine products with the following high performance features:  

Premium Carbide

The carbides of Kempston router bits are C-3 and C-4 grade premium tungsten micro grain carbide. This fine grain carbide allows grinding to a longer cutting edge life. 

Shear Angle

Kempston® carbide tips are designed with a perfect shear angle to slice through work piece for fast and easy chip removal.

Anti-kickback Design

Kempston® router bits 3/4" in cutting diameter and larger are designed with a chip-limitation style to prevent kickback providing better balance and sefer use.  

Non-stick Coating

Kempston® router bits are processed with heat-resistant non-stick coating that reduces friction and makes resin removal easier.