88087  Carbide Segment Saw Blade 3-1/2"

88087 Carbide Segment Saw Blade 3-1/2"

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Product information:

Innovative shapes and design features plus high-quality carbide grit deliver superior performance and life.
Blade length or diameter  ø 3-1/2" (88 mm)
Blade thickness 1/8" (3 mm)
Dimensions 88mm*65mm*10mm
Item weight 70 g
Blade material Carbide
Type of cut designed for segment cutting and grinding, ideal for grinding in tight spaces with precision, such as multi-tool grinding from grout removal between closely set tiles to cutting abrasive materials  
Pack 1 pc

ceramic, cement bonded fibre boards, epoxy, glass fibre, rein-forced plastic and etc.

Fitting quick release, compatible with Kempston adapter universal 88115