88091 HSS-TiN Round Saw Blades flat 3-3/8"

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Product information:

 Innovative shapes and design features plus high-quality Titanium coating offer superior performance and life. Triangular shape makes it easier to maneuver into tighter spaces.

Blade length or diameter  ø 3-3/8" (85 mm)
Blade thickness 1/8" (3 mm)
Dimensions 80mm*76mm*27mm
Item weight 55 g
Blade material HSS with titanium coating 
Type of cut This HSS blade for fiberglass, carbon fiber, 20 gauge sheet metal and harder woods, The titanium coating will make this blade last longer and cut cooler.
Pack 1 pc
Application cutting soft/hard wood with nails, sheet metal, fiberglass
Fitting quick release, compatible with Kempston adapter universal 88115