88101  BIM Plunge Cutting Saw Blade 3/4"

88101 BIM Plunge Cutting Saw Blade 3/4"

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Product information:

Bi-metal teeth, durable, fast cutting. 
Blade length or diameter 3/4" (20 mm)
Working length 3/4"*1-1/4" (20mm*30mm)
Blade thickness 1/8" (3mm)
Dimensions 76mm*32mm*10mm
Item weight 20 g
Blade material BIM
Type of cut great for making vent cuts in wood flooring or cutting nails in trim work 
Pack 1 pc

 cutting wood, metal, plastic and other materials: hardwood, solid wood, plywood, wood core plywood, chipboard, laminate, plastic, sandwich, aluminium, non-ferrous metal profile, wood with nails 

Fitting quick release, compatible with Kempston adapter universal 88115